Data visualization in PathVisio

This tutorials shows you how you can visualize data in PathVisio. Make sure you successfully imported your expression dataset before you start creating a visualization!

Below we added three examples for visualization in PathVisio

  1. Simple visualization (log2FC)
  2. Advanced visualization 1 (log2FC + pvalue)
  3. Advanced visualization 2 (log2FC from multiple comparions, e.g. time-series, different tissues, different dosages, etc.)

Simple visualization (log2FC)

The following gif shows how you can create a gradient visualization for a log2 fold change:


Advanced visualization 1 (log2FC + pvalue)

If you want to visualize the log2FC but also show the p-value, you can combine a gradient visualization (log2FC) with a rule-based visualization (p-value) as shown in the following gif:


Advanced visualization 2 (log2FC from multiple comparions)

If you want to compare the changes from mutliple comparisons next to each other you can use an advanced visualization wiht a gradient visualization for multiple columns as shown in the following gif.


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